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How does Fellbase figure out the position of a summit?

The named positions of summits on the map in Fellbase are the official Wainwright summits as described by Alfred Wainwright himself (black triangle with coloured circle). If the true summit of a fell is different to the Wainwright summit and the positions are at least 15m apart, then the true summit will also be shown (blue triangle). The coordinates for Wainwright summits and for any true summit positions are based on the Database of British and Irish Hills.

Is it possible to add fells to the logbook at any time?

Yes, logging a fell can be done once you are out of the rain, with a cup of tea at home. You do not have to be on the summit in order to log a fell. There are no restrictions, and it is possible to log Wainwrights you have climbed in the past. It is also possible to change the date of when the fell was bagged.

What happens to the progress stats once I have completed my round of Wainwrights?

Once you have completed all 214 Wainwirghts, Fellbase will show that you are now on to the next round. It will reset any stats for the current round, but you are still able to see how many fells you have logged in total. It will also show your individual progress stats for each of the 7 regions. Fells you have logged in the past will keep on showing the date and the route of when they were logged.

What is a custom waypoint and how is it used?

Custom waypoints can be set while editing a route inside the Map view. In addition to the normal tap gesture to select an available point that is shown on the map, it is also possible to create your own custom waypoints by using the long-press gesture (tap and hold). This works only on the Fellbase route network indicated by the pink hue. Creating custom waypoints adds flexibility and freedom when creating your own routes by not being confined to the recommended points on the map.

How can I add a route template to a logbook entry?

Fellbase will automatically add the current route to the log entry if the fell is part of a route that is currently loaded into your Map view. This happens whenever you press the button Add to Logbook.

Why does a logbook entry only provide a route template instead of recreating it as a planned route?

Route templates allow the creation of a planned route with the flexibility to trace only parts of the previous walk. If you would like to recreate the exact same route then just trace over the whole template. We think it is more common that fell-walkers would like to use a previous route as a starting point to create some new variations.

Is it possible to export my logbook?

You can request to export or delete your Logbook account at any time.